Dec. 14, 2017

On this page we will be telling you things from time to time about different water heater types and things you can do to make your water heater last longer.

Today I'm going to discuss the difference in our Tank less water heater and our standard 50 gallon gas water heater.

First the tankless water heater, to start with the tank less use a lot less energy as they do not have a storage tank and you are not wasting money by heating a tank of water 24 hours a day, the brand we use is a Navien and they are over 95% efficient, they  require less space as they mount on a wall. The heat chambers are stainless steel so they will generally last longer than a tank type water heater and they have a  warranty of 10 years. The cons are that they do cost considerably more than a tank type heater at a price of $2100 installed compared to $899 for a 50 gallon gas water heater but you may purchase 2 tank type heaters to 1 tank less, with that and the energy saved it is probably close to a break even deal in my opinion but I thought you might like to know. If you ever have any questions please contact me and I will do my best to answer them for you.

Dec. 30, 2017

As temperatures change outside you will find that you have many more and more water heater failures, the incoming water temperature becomes much colder and it has been my experience that it causes water heater tanks to burst and start leaking. Keep an eye on your water heater just in case or you could be facing a serious problem with a tank leaking water all over your home. Just for your consideration a Flood Guard can protect your home from a catastrophe from most any water leak from a washer, toilet, burst water line or water heater.

Feb. 14, 2018

The real cost involved in water heater replacement. A lot of folks want to know why it cost so much for a plumber to install a water heater and in this note today I would like to show you the cost involved for us to install a 50 gallon electric water heater. To start with we have the water heater itself which is $386 then we have the state permit of $45, next we have the piping and fittings required which averages $25, the electric whip ( the wire and connectors) $15, our plumbing license cost us $310 per year, liability and workers comp insurance $1100 per year, truck insurance $950 per year per truck, 3 hours minimum labor by the time you pick up the water heater and other supplies and get the heater installed, tools to do the work properly and efficiently $300 and I am sure I have left something out, oh those pesky taxes on any income you may have made and now I think you can see why it is $799 to install a water heater. Thank all of you who allow us to be your plumbing contractor! We sincerely appreciate your business!

June 15, 2018

Well you can tell the temperature of the groundwater has changed, water heater calls have gone up which is good for me but not so much for my customers. I want to pass on a little knowledge that you need to know, flush your water heater annually and they will last longer and work better. Give us a call with any questions and if I don't answer I will call you back, I like to give the customer I am with my full attention while with them. Have a great day!

August 19, 2018

School is back and fall is coming. I know people put off buying pretty much everything they can when school starts because it's expensive, new clothes , school supplies, activities and everything else that comes with sending your kids to school, been there myself. If the need does come up for a water heater mention our google coupon or this post and get $50 off your water heater through August. All you Moms get a little rest while you can, fall break will be soon!

Bill Etherton